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Veteran’s Day: Rt.23 Car Wash

Veteran’s Day is November 11, and is one of our most relevant and vital holidays, signifying profound, deserving respect and thanks to the men and women of the armed forces. Lots of special events, benefits, discounts, and celebrations abound, and Grace for Vets, a nonprofit organization that helps to honor our Veterans with a free car wash every year on Veteran’s Day, is proud to be a part of this praiseworthy and righteous red-letter day across these United States!

This international program unites the car wash industry each year by listing participating car washes that are honoring veterans, servicemen, and servicewomen with a free wash on Veteran’s Day.
Grace For Vets is now offering registration for car wash businesses that are interested in participating in its annual charity event. Once you register your wash, Grace For Vets will send you all the marketing tools you’ll need to promote the event at your car wash business. This is an event that gives carwashes the opportunity to give back to those who have and are still putting their lives on the line for U.S. freedom.

Morris county’s own triple crown of car washes – Rt. 23 Car Wash, Boonton Car Wash, and Bloomingdale Car Wash are honored to be included in the washes across the United States. Owner Tom Johnson and his staff at all three locations are among the finest in the business. Family owned and operated since 1989, Tom’s companies care deeply about their community and the brave soldiers, servicemen and servicewomen who make our nation’s freedom possible, and have been a proud supporter of Grace for Vets for years.

Last year’s Grace For Vets program had 1,616 companies and 3,654 locations participating. But we can do better than even that! Join the thousands of car wash businesses and unite as one voice, share your experiences with other carwash owners and operators who haven’t yet been a part of Grace For Vets, and surpass 300,000 free washes in 2017.

To register your wash with Grace For Vets, visit